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Conner Grace + Senior Portraits.

Conner Split 1misti-403




misti-440Conner Split 2


misti-530Conner Split 3misti-543




+++Conner Split 4







Conner Split 5Conner Split 7


misti-729Conner Split 6


misti-797Conner Split 8misti-791




misti-890Conner Split 9




misti-960Conner Split 11


Conner Split 12




this little bird, aka my little sister, will be leaving tmrw to begin many new adventures. the start of which will be beautifully close to me here in nashville, as she starts her freshman year at a college near by. it has been such a pleasure to see her blossom into the incredibly smart and kind and strong young lass she has become. it blows my mind to think about what the world has in store for her. the thing i can be sure of is that it will be truly fantastic.

keep following your heart little bird & it will take you far my dear.

love you.


H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-651
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Hannah + Aaron’s Wedding.

H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-39H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-31

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-110H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-212

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-157H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-169H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-140H + A split 11

+H + A split 1H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-241

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-52

+H + A split 14H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-340H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-337

+H + A split 13

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-384 H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-405

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-473 H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-483 H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-498

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-586

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-593

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-597

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-655H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-645H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-651

+H + A split 4

+H + A split 3

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-606

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-668

+H + A split 5

+H + A split 20H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-899H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-896

+H + A split 9

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-959H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-962

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-946

+H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-961H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-949H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-965

+H + A Wedding 5.24.14-162


H + A Wedding. 5.24.14-771H + A split 18H + A split 17H + A Wedding 5.24.14-86H + A Wedding 5.24.14-190

H + A Wedding 5.24.14-48

What a genuine honor it was to be apart of such a beautiful day. This unique wedding day was a true representation of just how much Hannah & Aaron love each other. And further how much love surrounds these two.  They somehow managed to plan an evening that was equally as fun for their guests as it was for themselves. Good Food. Good Music. Good Company & many many hugs. If their wedding was any indication, they have quite a full life ahead of them.

Cheers to you Hannah & Aaron!!

Bohara Split 5
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Bohara Family. Summer 2014.

Bohara Split 2Bohara. 5.25.14-89Bohara. 5.25.14-96Bohara. 5.25.14-166Bohara. 5.25.14-172Bohara. 5.25.14-181Bohara Split 3Bohara. 5.25.14-395Bohara Split 4Bohara. 5.25.14-427Bohara Split 5Bohara Split 6Bohara. 5.25.14-246Bohara. 5.25.14-191Bohara. 5.25.14-238

My brief time revisiting the Bohara Clan was filled with walking, running, jumping, climbing, flying, giggling, hugging, reading, playing and lots and lots of energy!   Best of luck to you and your clan on your next adventure!