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Christmas Adventure 2014. Part Two. Marfa.

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thanks to my lovely hosts ariele (older sis) and joe (future bro) for another mystical marfa adventure.


{in order of appearance: west texas scenery, unusually foggy marfa morning, boyz 2 men – taco truck, padres, the thunderbird hotel, the indian lodge, fort davis, the ice plant, clyde, food shark, corte del norte, el cosmico, poppy, the homestead of ariele and joe}

Jennifer + Brooklyn. 2013-74
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Jennifer & Brooklyn. Mother & Daughter. Austin & Texas.

Jennifer + Brooklyn. 2013-28Brooklyn-+-J3

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+Jennifer + Brooklyn. 2013-74

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+Jennifer + Brooklyn. 2013-233Brooklyn-+-J.-split-10


+Jennifer + Brooklyn. 2013-326

special guest – auntie jessica (mom’s sister)

i could not stop smiling while going through these photos. brooklyn’s precious grin and giggle is simply infectious. and the love between all three is both joyful and inspiring.

wishing this mom and daughter duo the best!